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Change of command: Prospect of Alberta police force raises concerns over cost, rural crime

At the end of the day, Sauvé hopes the government will indeed analyze fact-based arguments and make the right decision for Albertans.

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Mayors cool to proposed Alberta police force

Alberta’s urban mayors say they’re skeptical their residents would be better protected if the province ditches the RCMP for a proposed provincial police force.  

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RCMP transition study underway, final report expected in the spring

The National Police Federation is urging Albertans to stand up for the RCMP.

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Albertans want to keep RCMP here

The public want the RCMP to stay in Alberta, and so do the police members themselves, according to a new campaign organized by the National Police Federation.

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Interview with the Today’s Show, Danielle Smith

The National Police Federation’s President, Brian Sauvé, met with Danielle Smith to discuss the Keep Alberta RCMP campaign.

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RCMP union launches campaign against Alberta provincial police force

The National Police Federation, which represents approximately 20,000 front-line RCMP members, has launched a public campaign against the idea of having provincial police in Alberta.

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