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  • Tell the provincial government to Keep the RCMP in Alberta

    Dear Premier Smith, Minister Shandro and Minister Ellis,

    I have immediate and significant concerns about the Government of Alberta’s renewed proposal to replace the Alberta RCMP with an expensive and unwanted new provincial police service. With no meaningful consultation with everyday Albertans done to date, it is clear that the Government is not interested in listening to Albertans like me, who support keeping the Alberta RCMP. 

    The Government of Alberta has made the decision to continue pursuing this unwanted transition with no concrete justification for the estimated $550-plus million dollars lost in federal contributions and transition spending, for a net gain of only 56 officers through the proposed deployment model.

    Like you, I want to live in a province full of opportunities. Pushing forward with an unwanted new police service will burden us with predictable negative impacts that most of us don’t want. In May 2020, the Fair Deal Panel’s own findings established that a police transition was at the bottom of priorities for Albertans. The Province already has oversight and management of the Alberta RCMP – as displayed recently by the Alberta RCMP’s refusal to enforce the federal gun buyback program, aligned with direction from the Alberta Justice Minister. 

    Ongoing polling shows only 9% of Albertans support a police transition today. Municipalities also support keeping the RCMP in Alberta, including the more than 100 Alberta municipalities and stakeholders who have already declared their opposition to this decision. They instead want the Province to address serious crime and repeat offenders by providing better resourcing for the courts and prosecutors. There is no clear mandate for this decision, especially not from the everyday Albertan.

    At the end of the day, despite the Government's promises of no additional costs, there is only one taxpayer, and we will all be burdened by this proposal. Our province is at a critical juncture, and we deserve clear answers. 

    Don’t put my community safety at risk. Let's keep the Alberta RCMP and put the idea of a provincial police service to rest. We need to work together to improve public safety and address the real concerns of Albertans. I look forward to your response.