Tell the provincial government to Keep the RCMP in Alberta

Dear elected officials and UCP leadership contenders,

I am writing to express my serious concern about the Government of Alberta’s proposal to replace the Alberta RCMP with an expensive and unwanted new provincial police service.

Like many Albertans, I am alarmed that the Province continues to push a provincial police service that will cost hundreds of millions more each year in operating costs, alongside the loss of $188 million in annual federal contributions. This doesn’t even consider the hundreds of millions required for transition costs over several years, rising inflation impacts, and additional costs incurred during inevitable transition delays.

The Government has failed to note that a provincial police service will cost $164 million more per year in operating costs while adding only 56 police officers. For the same investment, the Province could add 600+ RCMP officers to serve Albertans.

I am becoming increasingly concerned that the Province will push the police transition through without proper consultation or consent from taxpayers, like me. Unfortunately, we continue to hear the government state that an Albertan provincial police service is not a question of if, but when. This, along with the lack of any meaningful consultation with Albertans is unfair and disrespectful to the constituents you serve.

I believe the funds earmarked for a transition would be far better spent on investing in the existing RCMP, the criminal justice system, and in much needed support for mental health and healthcare. With no clarity as to where the money for the transition will come from, I am also concerned that this will result in increased taxes for Albertans, reduced social services, or reduced municipal funding.

Please listen to our concerns. Don’t put our community safety at risk, especially when an overwhelming majority of Albertans do not support a switch to a provincial police service, including the 92 Albertan municipalities and stakeholders who have publicly voiced their opposition to this proposal. Let’s stop discussions of a transition, and work together to improve police services and the criminal justice system and, most importantly, keep the RCMP in Alberta.

I look forward to your response.

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