Tell the provincial government to Keep the RCMP in Alberta

Dear Alberta MLAs,


I am writing to express my serious concern about the Government of Alberta’s proposal to replace the Alberta RCMP with an expensive and unwanted new provincial police service.

Like many Albertans, I am alarmed that the APPS Transition Study recommended a smaller Alberta Provincial Police Service than the current Alberta RCMP model, while costing hundreds of millions of dollars more each year when you include losing $188 million in federal contributions. This doesn’t even include the hundreds of millions required for transition costs over several years.

I am becoming increasingly concerned that the Province will push through the transition to an APPS without properly consulting regular Albertans and taxpayers, like me. Unfortunately, we have only heard the government ask how a transition can be done, and not if a transition should even be explored.

This, along with the lack of any meaningful consultation with the constituents you serve, is unfair, undemocratic, and disrespectful.

We deserve clear answers to our questions and concerns. None of the following questions have been answered, and they must before any decision is made.

  1. Where will money for this transition come from?
  2. Why would the Province consider less fully trained officers than what Albertans have with the current RCMP contingent?
  3. Where and how will the Province train enough officers to fill the ranks of a new APPS?
  4. How would an APPS do things any better than the RCMP can now?
  5. When will a true feasibility study be conducted to understand the full cost impacts, as recommended in the APPS Transition Study?

Please show us that you are listening to our concerns. Don’t put our community safety at risk, especially when an overwhelming majority of us do not support a switch to a provincial police service. Let’s cancel this transition, keep the RCMP in Alberta, and work together to improve police services and the criminal justice system where it’s most needed.

I look forward to your response.


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