Municipal Policing Reviews: Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie is transitioning to a municipal police service, despite a lack of consultation with residents and unknown cost implications.

Grande Prairie Police Transition Timeline

There are many unknowns about the Grande Prairie police transition. As a taxpayer, you deserve the facts. View the Grande Prairie Police Transition Timeline to learn more about the City of Grande Prairie’s police transition commitments.

Grande Prairie Police Transition Timeline

No feasibility study means more uncertainty for Grande Prairie residents.

The City of Grande Prairie’s Policing Transition Final Report stated $19 million will cover transition costs, of which the Province says it will provide $9.7 million – with potentially more provincial taxpayer dollars on the way. But this report is not a feasibility study and does not investigate additional cost concerns that could result in huge additional investments, such as:

One thing we know for certain: Final transition costs will be considerably higher than $19M.

Even though only 1% of the population of Grande Prairie provided feedback on a police transition, all taxpayers in the community – and Albertans across the province – will be stuck with the bill. We have already seen low-ball transition cost promises in other communities who are exploring a shift to a new police service. In some areas, proposals and transition plans have resulted in increased property taxes to the tune of 15% for local residents.

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