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Westlock and Barrhead not interested in provincial police force

he towns of Barrhead and Westlock will add their voices to a growing number of municipalities not in favour of the province forming its own police force.

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Mayor raises questions over costs, benefits of potential provincial police service

Spruce Grove mayor Stuart Houston is happy with the RCMP and wants to see them continue serving the community.

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Statement from Brian Sauvé, President of the National Police Federation, regarding Alberta’s 2021-22 Budget:

Ottawa, ON — Following is a statement from Brian Sauvé, President of the National Police Federation, regarding Alberta’s 2021-22 Budget:

“Today, Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews delivered the Government of Alberta’s Budget for 2021, highlighting ongoing fiscal challenges due in large part to the global health pandemic.

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NPF launches ‘Keep Alberta RCMP’ campaign

The National Police Federation launched the ‘Keep Alberta RCMP’ campaign recently in response to the province’s Fair Deal Panel looking at replacing the RCMP with a provincial police force.

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Bonnyville council rejects idea of provincial police force

As the Alberta government explores the idea of a provincial police force, Bonnyville town council will write a letter to the Solicitor General saying they are not in favour of this move.

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RCMP wants to remind provincial government of their worth to Albertans

There has been a lot of discussion recently about talks with the Alberta government doing more work in trying to establish a provincial police force and replace The Royal Canadian Mounted Police from law enforcement in Alberta.

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'Albertans will pay more for less': Campaign aims to keep RCMP in Alberta

The National Police Federation (NPF) has launched a campaign to encourage the province to keep the RCMP in Alberta as the government explores the possibility of a provincial police force.

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RCMP union lobbies Alberta government to keep Mounties amid push for provincial force

The union representing RCMP officers is pressing the Alberta government to keep the force as it reviews whether to switch to a provincial service, arguing such a change would cost more with little benefit to the public.

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Provincial police force concerns prompt 'Keep Alberta RCMP' campaign

The UCP government is continuing with plans to establish a provincial police force in Alberta, but concern is growing from several sides, including the union that represents the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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Push to save RCMP as Alberta government looks at creating provincial police force

The UCP government continues to move towards establishing a provincial police force, but there is concern from several sides, including the National Police Federation. 

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